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So much to do and whats going on

It has been hectic around the shop mostly because of how sick I have been and trying to work. Both do not make a good combination so work has been delayed and has been really slow. I guess I feel guilty not working when I get sick so I still force myself to do it in the long term making myself sicker for longer. I guess a hard habit to break, so taking better steps of avoiding getting sick.

We have a lot of costumes to tackle and we thank everyone for being so very patient with us, always a big thank you. As we work we come up with new techniques, and we have a few more up our sleeve before the years end. Once I test some stuff out you guys will see what I am talking about. I guess it comes with the territory, you always want to test more durable ways of making things you did before. Or better yet a bit more predictable too, so it takes the guess work which can waste a lot of time for certain processes of our work.

Trying to tackle as many repairs as we can as we got a lot sent in last month and this month so hard to tackle all those and stay on top with all the current orders. Remember it is usually just 2 of us here with the every once in a while helper that can lend a helping hand. Usually we are on our own and tackling it all can get overwhelming. With that being said we have taken a lot less work over the next few months of opening but seeing how sick I was this last month it sorta put a kink into being ahead of schedule, I really tried guys but my body decided to try something else.

I am taking our yearly mixedcandy vacation for a week come end of this month so trying to do as much as possible. Seeing that we don't respect weekends and work through them we wanted to just make it a fun week with our friends. So if I am a bit hard to contact halloween day up to around the 6th of november it means we are out. So crazy work to be done here at the shop and a lot is getting done. I need to get a photo of all the heads are their various stages so you guys can see where we are at.

Emails, I need to finish answering them as I am still missing a few. So if you are one of the ones who has yet to get a reply please bear with us. Missing a few more emails and we should be done.

I need to head back to the FX place which isn't close to my house and get resin again. We got some the other day but I tested it last night and the lady sold us the resin that takes 15 mins to start to set instead of the one that kicks off in 2-3 mins, meaning I cannot slush cast a certain set of horns and hooves I need done asap. So back to square one with that which is really irritating seeing as I want a certain bull done and out of here soon.

So here is a bit of an update of what is going on. We are working, we are doing what we can but do expect some delays on such as I can only do so much in a month. Please understand that we will only provide the best work and will never rush to get it out just to get it out. We understand you guys make a choice on what maker to go with and I always thank you guys for choosing us. Slowly trying to get better about getting these guys out in a more timely manner.

With that said, thanks for reading. As always check our twitter for work updates and email us if you have any questions.
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Aibo ninja

Updates 7/13/11

I tend to be a bit slow with updates on livejournal, but trying to stay a bit more on top of it. Here are a few things we have been working on.

Resin head blanks

Have most done and ready to ship when the final payments roll in. Missing 2 sets of green eyes as I am going to get those finally ordered so the heads that have the 2 sets of green can go out this month. Everyone else is ready to be shipped next week.

New orders

Thanks to everyone who submitted this round. We accepted quite a batch of fun costumes so really excited to see the critters people submitted. I have yet to email a few others with final replies but will be doing so tonight and the next day. Have about 20 emails to tackle and I should be relatively done for now on those.

Need to update the website and close back up until October 1st.

Current Orders for July/August 2011

This is the list of everything we are doing this month and the next.

-Shadow husky (need to do final stuff on it still, very close to being finished)
-Black wolf (missing minor airbrushing on the body and some small mods inside the head for the jaw)
-Hannu (Need to finish your feet and add some claws on your hands and feet and I should be done)
-Sarahs head (finish up in time for coming up convention)
-Bull (body is pretty much done, working on brand new hoof mold to do resin hooves so they are nicer)
-Corgi (should be starting the body soon and attempting to finish most this month, lots of padding)
-Snug the rabbit
-Audrey Collie
-Sandcat head
-New lion body for Blaez

I am also doing repairs on heads, and some hooves. Finishing up a few paws that we are missing for past customers all around this month and the next so you are not forgotten. Thanks to everyone who has been beyond patient with us, we really do appreciate it.

Fur shortage, please read

Some delays have been out of my hands because of lack of fur. I tend to keep a large amount of fur in hand but we ran out of some of our major furs. Last month I placed and order for some white bolts, black and a few other colors and 2 bolts our white and black and still not here. MM has finally charged my card for them so here is hoping they arrive this week or early next. I apologize but the japan quake affected even the fiber makers of the fake fur. I will keep everyone updated via twitter on what is going on with the fur.

As always if you have any questions just email us. Keep watching the Mixedcandy twitter for updates. Was a bit slow on work this last week as we had guests over at the house. Back to the full swing of things now :).
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Aibo ninja


Marcello was completed and sent out last week. I had forgotten to post a photo of him until now.

Fox done using the resin base and using 3d glass eyes to see how they would look. Mostly done as a test to make sure what we were offering customers was going to work. Was able to test a new mesh to see better out of these eyes, new ear style (with a plastic base for larger ears, sturdier), new nose and an easier pattern for necks to fit better. All around a success as little things I wanted to test ended up working out just fine. Took a bit of artistc liberty and made the ears larger and added some brows to give it a more anthro look. Worked on it inbetween some customer work :). Best part is I can now implement my findings onto the new heads so they will work out even better.

Ryker had been completed as a full costume but was sold as a partial just now. Wanted to test a few other methods on another head so decided to rehome his head for now. These were the pictures taken before the head had been sold off.

We finally got the resin bases looking a way we liked. Take in mind the nose has been changed from this look as this is an older pic. But we will be sending people this picture (until I take a new one) of what to expect when buying a resin blank from us. A base head for people who like DIY projects. If you have any questions just email us about it.

At the moment we are working on finishing up a muscled wolf. Head will be posted tomorrow, body soon after as it is one heck of a muscled body. I should be airbrushing some of the body to make some of the grays blend better and to bring out some other smaller muscles. Hannu is also being worked on, was reworking his nose so was waiting a day to dry for him. Should start to fur him tomorrow and hopefully the day after he will be fully done head wise. A few other suits like Kyro and a red husky are being worked on. Their bodies are done just bits and pieces of the heads are all over the place. Need to crack down on getting those done and sent out soon. I forget how long I take some times testing methods and improving techniques that time does end up flying by (I really apologize for that) in the long run all the tests are worth it and customers get the newest we provide. Trying to get quite a few of these done in time for the ones doing AC and then after that EF.

As for repairs. Tackling a neck fix, hooves and some eyes. Should have those all done this month and out as well. Trying to juggle regular work, overdue work and repairs is all a task in itself. Bear with us.

Extra paws and such. I owe a few sets to a few of you guys, trying to get those out in time for up coming cons and such. I know a few of you want them for AC ;).

I will keep posting updates via twitter. Been slow to post on here , but keep checking twitter :). More updates soon.
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Filipa Scream


Fursuits we are working on this month

Finished Marcello but need to take full shots of him and ship him out. Working on a black were wolf head to go with a big muscled body at the moment and hannu's head to go with his body. Kyros body has been completed along with his tail, his feet need to be glued at the moment. Need to tackle kyros head right after I am done with these 2 realistic heads. Shadows red husky has a completed body and tail. Feet need to be glued and I still need to fur the head as it has been carved for a little bit.

Tackling getting those done then continue with a head for sarah, and work on Jazzer the ferret.

There are a ton of costumes to be done so keep your eye out on what we post up here and on our work twitter.

Once I have completed these 2 glass eyed heads I will post another update of what we are up to. We post a lot on twitter so if you want more up to date news make sure you do follow that one.

Resin heads for sale

We took a few orders for some resin heads and are still open for more before we fully close. If you would be interested in one of these be sure to read this journal telling you what is included. If you are interested email us. All the info is in the journal.


I should be at Elliots this month. Probably just on Saturday night and sunday. Find me running around in costume :).
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Aibo ninja

Emails and updates

I should be replying to most of it not all tonight. I got a few payments in as well that I need to email some of you guys about it. Been slow on that but should be taken care of no later than the end of this weekend.

On other news we are doing quite a few heads at the moment. Also working on 2 new resin heads for customers so they have a snappy jaw :D. Really excited to see those finished.

A few things were shipped out today as well.

Been playing catch up with work, should have more finished pieces to show soon. Thanks to everyone who has been so very patient with us. With all the new techniques we are implementing expect really cool stuff for your costumes :).

We just closed up for new commissions and will open back up July 1st. Need to update the website tonight to reflect the change. July 1st we will be offering a few new things to sell but you will have to wait and see when that does happen :).

More updates soon enough. Be sure to watch our twitter Mixedcandy.
Aibo ninja

Black and white folf (first resin head)

Black and white folf. No name yet, but wanted to create a wolf fox mix with black and white markings. Was looking at a few domestic fox patterns and came up with this one. I like swirly designs :). Will eventually be a full costume.

Mostly done as an experiment to see how our resin casts came out (by doing so, we can now offer it to customers who want it). Had been really inspired by Qarrezel's work and her tutorial, as seen here:

I wanted to try my hand at it to see if we could make it work. We had never done rotocasting before but we had worked with resin. All the resin we had use before was the pour in kind and just let it set, so this was all new to us. We started with the clay mold as you can see here:
That is before we placed the glass eyes to see how we wanted to build the eye area.

We later covered it with brush on silicone and created an outer mold to keep it all together when casting (her tutorial makes total sense of things, be sure to read it). The plaster strips sorta did not work for us. So humid here in this florida weather so decided to try my own idea and use wonderflex and worked like a charm as seen here:

We were able to cast a few heads this way and see how thick we wanted it. The first real cast was way to thick so we did a few layers less and experimented with pouring out some of the resin instead of letting it pool in areas. We used a combination of 2 different resins to create the harder shell we were after, but still light. We went ahead and came up with a different hinge system and made the heads a bit bigger to fit our taste better :).

Took a very quick video of me wearing the head just making the jaw move. No issues with that. Will take a better video in the day time later :).

Glad the casting worked. The jaw moves, and seeing is relatively easy out of them. All in all a success.

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