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Marcello was completed and sent out last week. I had forgotten to post a photo of him until now.

Fox done using the resin base and using 3d glass eyes to see how they would look. Mostly done as a test to make sure what we were offering customers was going to work. Was able to test a new mesh to see better out of these eyes, new ear style (with a plastic base for larger ears, sturdier), new nose and an easier pattern for necks to fit better. All around a success as little things I wanted to test ended up working out just fine. Took a bit of artistc liberty and made the ears larger and added some brows to give it a more anthro look. Worked on it inbetween some customer work :). Best part is I can now implement my findings onto the new heads so they will work out even better.

Ryker had been completed as a full costume but was sold as a partial just now. Wanted to test a few other methods on another head so decided to rehome his head for now. These were the pictures taken before the head had been sold off.

We finally got the resin bases looking a way we liked. Take in mind the nose has been changed from this look as this is an older pic. But we will be sending people this picture (until I take a new one) of what to expect when buying a resin blank from us. A base head for people who like DIY projects. If you have any questions just email us about it.

At the moment we are working on finishing up a muscled wolf. Head will be posted tomorrow, body soon after as it is one heck of a muscled body. I should be airbrushing some of the body to make some of the grays blend better and to bring out some other smaller muscles. Hannu is also being worked on, was reworking his nose so was waiting a day to dry for him. Should start to fur him tomorrow and hopefully the day after he will be fully done head wise. A few other suits like Kyro and a red husky are being worked on. Their bodies are done just bits and pieces of the heads are all over the place. Need to crack down on getting those done and sent out soon. I forget how long I take some times testing methods and improving techniques that time does end up flying by (I really apologize for that) in the long run all the tests are worth it and customers get the newest we provide. Trying to get quite a few of these done in time for the ones doing AC and then after that EF.

As for repairs. Tackling a neck fix, hooves and some eyes. Should have those all done this month and out as well. Trying to juggle regular work, overdue work and repairs is all a task in itself. Bear with us.

Extra paws and such. I owe a few sets to a few of you guys, trying to get those out in time for up coming cons and such. I know a few of you want them for AC ;).

I will keep posting updates via twitter. Been slow to post on here , but keep checking twitter :). More updates soon.


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Jun. 5th, 2011 12:50 pm (UTC)
Really loving that fox head. :)
Jun. 8th, 2011 04:56 am (UTC)
Уou are increase the eye area on resin models, this is good solution for moving suiters.
Jun. 8th, 2011 06:17 pm (UTC)
They have very good vision as the head is much closer to your face. Different mesh too so better vision. Very different vision than the current lion head that you have if we were to compare.
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