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Updates 7/13/11

I tend to be a bit slow with updates on livejournal, but trying to stay a bit more on top of it. Here are a few things we have been working on.

Resin head blanks

Have most done and ready to ship when the final payments roll in. Missing 2 sets of green eyes as I am going to get those finally ordered so the heads that have the 2 sets of green can go out this month. Everyone else is ready to be shipped next week.

New orders

Thanks to everyone who submitted this round. We accepted quite a batch of fun costumes so really excited to see the critters people submitted. I have yet to email a few others with final replies but will be doing so tonight and the next day. Have about 20 emails to tackle and I should be relatively done for now on those.

Need to update the website and close back up until October 1st.

Current Orders for July/August 2011

This is the list of everything we are doing this month and the next.

-Shadow husky (need to do final stuff on it still, very close to being finished)
-Black wolf (missing minor airbrushing on the body and some small mods inside the head for the jaw)
-Hannu (Need to finish your feet and add some claws on your hands and feet and I should be done)
-Sarahs head (finish up in time for coming up convention)
-Bull (body is pretty much done, working on brand new hoof mold to do resin hooves so they are nicer)
-Corgi (should be starting the body soon and attempting to finish most this month, lots of padding)
-Snug the rabbit
-Audrey Collie
-Sandcat head
-New lion body for Blaez

I am also doing repairs on heads, and some hooves. Finishing up a few paws that we are missing for past customers all around this month and the next so you are not forgotten. Thanks to everyone who has been beyond patient with us, we really do appreciate it.

Fur shortage, please read

Some delays have been out of my hands because of lack of fur. I tend to keep a large amount of fur in hand but we ran out of some of our major furs. Last month I placed and order for some white bolts, black and a few other colors and 2 bolts our white and black and still not here. MM has finally charged my card for them so here is hoping they arrive this week or early next. I apologize but the japan quake affected even the fiber makers of the fake fur. I will keep everyone updated via twitter on what is going on with the fur.

As always if you have any questions just email us. Keep watching the Mixedcandy twitter for updates. Was a bit slow on work this last week as we had guests over at the house. Back to the full swing of things now :).



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