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So much to do and whats going on

It has been hectic around the shop mostly because of how sick I have been and trying to work. Both do not make a good combination so work has been delayed and has been really slow. I guess I feel guilty not working when I get sick so I still force myself to do it in the long term making myself sicker for longer. I guess a hard habit to break, so taking better steps of avoiding getting sick.

We have a lot of costumes to tackle and we thank everyone for being so very patient with us, always a big thank you. As we work we come up with new techniques, and we have a few more up our sleeve before the years end. Once I test some stuff out you guys will see what I am talking about. I guess it comes with the territory, you always want to test more durable ways of making things you did before. Or better yet a bit more predictable too, so it takes the guess work which can waste a lot of time for certain processes of our work.

Trying to tackle as many repairs as we can as we got a lot sent in last month and this month so hard to tackle all those and stay on top with all the current orders. Remember it is usually just 2 of us here with the every once in a while helper that can lend a helping hand. Usually we are on our own and tackling it all can get overwhelming. With that being said we have taken a lot less work over the next few months of opening but seeing how sick I was this last month it sorta put a kink into being ahead of schedule, I really tried guys but my body decided to try something else.

I am taking our yearly mixedcandy vacation for a week come end of this month so trying to do as much as possible. Seeing that we don't respect weekends and work through them we wanted to just make it a fun week with our friends. So if I am a bit hard to contact halloween day up to around the 6th of november it means we are out. So crazy work to be done here at the shop and a lot is getting done. I need to get a photo of all the heads are their various stages so you guys can see where we are at.

Emails, I need to finish answering them as I am still missing a few. So if you are one of the ones who has yet to get a reply please bear with us. Missing a few more emails and we should be done.

I need to head back to the FX place which isn't close to my house and get resin again. We got some the other day but I tested it last night and the lady sold us the resin that takes 15 mins to start to set instead of the one that kicks off in 2-3 mins, meaning I cannot slush cast a certain set of horns and hooves I need done asap. So back to square one with that which is really irritating seeing as I want a certain bull done and out of here soon.

So here is a bit of an update of what is going on. We are working, we are doing what we can but do expect some delays on such as I can only do so much in a month. Please understand that we will only provide the best work and will never rush to get it out just to get it out. We understand you guys make a choice on what maker to go with and I always thank you guys for choosing us. Slowly trying to get better about getting these guys out in a more timely manner.

With that said, thanks for reading. As always check our twitter for work updates and email us if you have any questions.


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Oct. 15th, 2011 06:43 am (UTC)
Had no idea you were sick... still doing such nice art, one could hardly tell... 8> .. Get well soon!
Oct. 15th, 2011 04:29 pm (UTC)
Been pretty sick the last month about 3 times now. Varying degrees of colds and such.
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