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2 new heads, fixup and small break (please read)

Fionacats floppy eared dog and Pistol pups husky. The full body photos will be posted end of the month, so these are just quick photos to show how the heads look like.

And I decided to change my LV head again. I guess I am never 100% happy with her so always changing stuff (I do it in the art all the time). I changed her eyes as the eyes were not representing her toony enough. Plus the other features were a bit out of proportion on purpose that she needed eyes to represent it. Gave her some plastic eyes to give her a younger more childish look. (Might alter the eyes some more, just being very picky).

I also added a fan in her muzzle just for testing purposes. I wanted to see if it makes a difference in how long I can last in costume but I will put it to the test next week and write up about it. Makes almost no noise but does blow a very comfy gust of air inside, so pretty happy to test it out and running off a 9volt battery.

Doing the last bits of things before heading down to my parents to drop the dogs off. We will be closed from the 10th-18th of May. This means we will not be available via cell phone, email or chat. So please contact us after we get back from the small break we are taking. Work will resume when we get back.

If you need to contact us ASAP please do so today or tomorrow. If not then you will have to wait until the 18th.

Thanks for reading :).
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