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Disturbia wolf and Papaya

Our 2 newest costume that we have completed. The gray wolf does have a full body but I did not have anyone to model it so we just took photos of the head. Papaya the blue one is being modeled by someone a bit taller than the owner so I will take better shots on the owner when she comes by.

I am now working on getting Nanook's head complete as her body is done finally. She is a fleece fur combination so it should look really cool. Don't usually get to do them so I get pretty excited working on them. They take a bit more patience as fleece is not very forgiving. I should have progress shots of her on twitter soon enough, trying to have her done for this weekend.

More updates when I post Nanook up. Need to finish the final stuff on Marcello and get him out as well.

Working on a new resin base for realistic heads to try to tackle a better moving jaw. Might be testing this on hannu and another werewolf we are doing (big black one, you know who you are :D). If all goes well they should work very well. Waiting on the eyes to arrive, then we can start making the mold and casting the heads for that style.

More on that soon :)

Mixedcandy is open for new commissions :)

We are now open for new commissions to be completed October-December 2011
At the moment we are only taking full costume commissions. Partials and heads are no longer being made unless they are done via auction.

If you are interested in ordering your own costume be sure to fill our order sheet and send it to us via email. Art is key so make sure you add your concept art :).

If you have any questions just email us.

Just go to www.mixedcandy.com or www.mixedcandymascots.com


Been a bit slow here with taxes taking it out of me going down to miami (ugh takes so long) and some family issues I needed to deal with work has been a bit slower than usual. Here is a list of the next few costumes you should see completed very soon and probably shipped out within this next month if not sooner.

Graywolf (need to finish mostly your head and paws and your out)
Papaya (piece the body together, head details and finish the paws)
Extra sets of feet, you know who you guys are, need to glue them down
Marcello, still working on the head and paws then he will be complete
Nanook, need to tackle your head, hands and tail (body and feet completed)
Shadow night (need to fur your head still)
Sarah's dog head
Hannu (waiting on glass eyes in the mail)
Big black werewolf

The batch after those are done will be:


I should have more stuff posted as I go this week. Going to a wedding tomorrow so sorta out of commission for tomorrow again. I will try to post more often be it on here or on twitter. Now that stuff is sorta getting more organized again things should roll out smoothly.

Probably moving the opening of new orders until April 10th. I will be posting that on the website. Need to tackle old emails that I am missing that way I don't accidentally misplace emails and such which I have done in the past. So if you have any questions just ask. As always we are trying our best not to stay behind on work.


Puppy done as a side project started long ago. Finished up and sold on ebay.

Lots to do

Been a bit quiet on this end but we are working on many projects at the moment. Mostly posting on twitter until the finished pieces can be posted here. Expect a costume on ebay as well next week :) will be a toony cute puppy if anyone is interested :).

More to post soon, I need to take photos this weekend and finish a few other things up.

Out from the 18th-27th

Mixedcandy is taking a small break to see some family from the 18th-27th. I am not sure how easy it will be to get to the internet so I will not be answering emails until I get back on the 27th. I will try to tackle the last few emails that I owe tonight as quickly as I can.

More work previews will be posted March. Lots to send and finish up in March.

Thank you for reading :).


Lots to show :)

Back from California and these are a few of the costumes we took to show. More to come. Some I was not able to take photos of them. Will be waiting on the customers to send us photos.

Hako and BentoAngry ShepDemon CatFrisky

More soon :)

3 more

All these are full costumes, but just snapped the head shots before sending them out. We have Quarks the raccoon wolf, a fennec and a cheetah.

Finishing a few more today :).

Blastdav the wolf

Sent this one to the UK the other day. Was not able to take photos of anyone wearing the body as it was way too small for us to model. Here is a picture of the head until I can get the owner to take some full shots :D.


More will be getting posted in the next few days. Lots to do :)